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    2016 Cincinnati Observatory Calendar Images by Fred Calvert

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    Image of Galaxy M83 taken remotely from Pingelly Australia

    Total Lunar Eclipse February 20, 2008

    Comet 17P/Holmes from Cold Spring Kentucky, October 28, 2007

    Images used in new Astronomy Magazine Publication "Atlas of the Stars"

    Image of Van Den Bergh 93 used in February 2006 issue of Astronomy Magazine

    Perseus Double Cluster used in Astronomy Magazine's "Explore the Universe 2006"

    Image of M24 selected as NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day for September 21, 2004           

   Images: Globular Cluster M2  Cold Spring Observatory September 27, 2005

   Images:  Venus Transits the Sun June 8, 2004 from Cold Spring Observatory                                                             

  Images:    Solar Eclipse December 25, 2000

  Images: Mars  2005

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                         M1 1/18/2013                                           Asteroid 433 Eros in center of field



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As the universe is free to all that look up to see, images that appear on this web site taken by me are not copyrighted and my be used freely by all, except they may not be sold individually for profit without my permission and agreement. Educators and educational non-profits are free to use at anytime. All that I ask is an e-mail saying you are using them and the proper credit line as listed with each image be given. If you require high resolution TIFF files for book or magazine publication, please email me at the address at the top of this page and I will be more then happy to provide to you free of charge.  Fred Calvert, Cold Spring Observatory